Participants guide

Course Completion

You must attend at least 90% of the whole training course for your certificate of completion to be issued. Attendance check will be done as below through our webpage.

Attendance Check

  • Participants must check attendance at the end of each lecture.
  • To check attendance, participants must complete a quiz after each lecture.
  • The quiz will only be available from 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after each lecture ends. The quiz cannot be accessed after the time ends, so you must complete it on time to be checked for attendance.
  • Each quiz contains about three to five questions. You may redo the quiz as many times as you wish during the quiz time.
  • You must get a score of 100% on the quiz for it to be accepted.
  • After the 20-minute quiz time slot, the results are submitted automatically, and you may not resume the quiz.
  • There will be a quiz for all mandatory sessions excluding Case study.


  • You must login each day before the session starts.
  • You will be able to view the list of lectures for the day.
  • Participants must complete the quiz within time.