You may register for a course by clicking “Application” on the upper-right side of the webpage.
There is no payment needed for applying for a course. However, you may need to afford your travel costs such as flight tickets, visa expenses, and meals.
Yes, you may submit your application to enroll in multiple courses. However, there may be different qualifications needed for each course, and there will be a selection process to ensure you are qualified. Please check our course details to find out what course best fits your needs and field of expertise.
We offer “2022 Introductory Course for Biologics Development and Manufacturing” offline for 80hrs, of which 20hrs of essential lectures provided during the course will be uploaded online. However, please note that “2022 Introductory Course for Standard Practice (GxP Course)” will be offered offline only in South Korea.
The minimum qualification for course completion for your certification to be issued varies for each course. For offline courses, there will be an announcement at the beginning of the course which will explain the minimum attendance requirements for course completion. Some courses will involve case study and presentation. In case of online courses, you will need to achieve a certain level of online attendance.
For offline courses, you will receive your certification of completion on-site based on the degree of your participation.
Oiate or highur programs are currently only based in English. Learners will need to have an English proficiency level of Intermeder to take these courses as they will cover technical aspects of vaccine manufacturing.
Please check our course details to find out what course best fits your needs and field of expertise.
Although some content may build on information from earlier courses, courses do not need to be taken in a subsequent order. We recommend choosing a course that best fits your field of interest based on your expertise.
Our courses are aimed to provide essential, practical knowledge through an intensive short-term program designed to strengthen students’ professional capacity where there is great demand for qualified expertise. Although the courses are not accredited, they are designated to open additional pathways for learners and improve one’s career trajectory. Our courses also provide opportunity to network. At the completion of our offline courses, participants will be able to connect directly with 150+ experts in likewise professional fields.

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